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Sirchie SIRCHMARK Evidence Tape

Sirchie SIRCHMARK Evidence Tape

PriceFrom $14.00

SIRCHMARK™ evidence tape is manufactured on a matte acetate base featuring a top surface that may be written on with pencil or pen. It is coated with a permanent, quick-setting acrylic adhesive that defies removal from most surfaces. To increase the tape’s ability to tear, it is perforated with 3/16 slits at 1/4 intervals. Dual-serrated tape edges add redundancy to the integrity. The tape’s top surface is printed in translucent red or blue ink, then overprinted with an opaque black identifier or an agency’s custom imprint. The roll is 1 1/2 wide, 0.001 thick, on a 3 core and is backed with 50 lb. stock Kraft liner. Attempts to remove SIRCHMARK™ evidence tape will cause the tape substrate to break and peel off in irregular strips. The red tint and black overprint will dissolve and smear when solvents like alcohol and acetone are applied—positive proof of tampering. SIRCHMARK™ is regularly used by hospitals and laboratories, banks and race tracks—wherever a tamperproof seal is needed!


Item # SM1000

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