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Bianchi Accumold Elite Single Cuff Case 7900

Bianchi Accumold Elite Single Cuff Case 7900

PriceFrom $34.00

Bianchi Accumold Elite Single Handcuff Case
Basket Weave, plain, or hi-gloss finish
Holds one pair of chain style handcuffs
Trilaminate construction with Coptex knit lining
Fits 2" or 2.25" duty belts
Chrome snap, brass snap, or hidden snap closure
3 sizes to choose from:
Size 1- One pair of standard chain handcuffs, HIATT model 8112-1
Size 2- One pair of Peerless model 801 handcuffs, ASP model 100 tactical handcuffs, or HIATT model 8122-1 handcuffs.
Size 3- One pair of S&W model 1 chain and hinged handcuffs, Peerless model 5030 handcuffs, or ASP model 200 hinged tactical handcuffs.

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