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5.11 Tactical- Bags, Backpacks, Belts, Tactical Vest Plate Carriers, Jackets, Duty Gear, Watches, Entry and Rescue Tools, Eyewear, Flashlights, Footwear, Gloves, Headwear, Holsters, Knives, Clothing and Training Gear​.

ASP- Batons and Accessories, Belts, Duty Gear, Handcuffs and Keys, Flashlights and Batteries, and Training Equipment.

Armor Express- Body Armor, Tactical Shields, Helmets, Hard and Soft Armor Plates.

Benchmade- Rescue Tools, Flashlights, Knives and Tools.

Bianchi- Belts, Duty Gear, and Holsters

BLACKHAWK!- Bags, Backpacks, Cases, Belts, Tactical Plates, Helmets, Equipment, and Gear, Duty Gear, Watches, Entry and Rescue Tools, Eyewear, Firearm Parts and Accessories, Flashlights, Footwear, Gloves, Headwear, Holsters, Knives, Clothing, and Training Guns.

Bolle- Eyewear

Break-Free- Firearms Care and Maintenance

Defense Technologies- Pepper Spray

Boston Leather- Belts, Duty Gear, and Holsters

Bushnell- Range Finders, Trail Cameras, GPS, Flashlights, Binoculars, Lenses, Monoculars, Mounts and Accessories, Night Vision, Scopes, and Telescopes.

EMI- EMS and Medical Supplies

Eyewear Safety Systems- Goggles and Eyewear

Gerber- Knives and Multi-Tools, and Flashlights

Elbeco- Clothing, uniforms

EoTech- Optics and Sights

Fire-Dex- Bags, Belts, Fire Turnout Gear, Boots, Gloves, Helmets and Hoods

GH Armor Systems- Body Armor, Breach Blanket, Tactical Helmets, Hard and Soft Trauma Plates.

Gould & Goodrich- Belts, Duty Gear, and Holsters

Hatch- Bags, Riot Helmets, Shields, Protection and Gear, Gloves, and Hoods.

Hogue Grips- Belts, Firearm Grips, Slings and Swivels.

Hoppe's- Firearms Care and Maintenance.

KleenBore- Firearms Care and Maintenance, and Targets.

Mag-Lite- Flashlights.

Monadnock- Batons, Duty Gear, and Training Equipment.

Leatherman- Knives and Tools.

Maxpedition- Bags, Packs, Cases, and Duty Gear.

Original Swat- Footwear

Nightstick- Flashlights

Peerless Handcuff- Handcuffs

Paulson Manufacturing- Riot Gear, Helmets, and Shields.

Premier Crown- Batons, Corrections and Riot Helmets, Riot Gear and Protection, Gloves, and Gas Masks.

Pelican Cases- Hard Cases and Flashlights.

Pro-Line Safety Products- Traffic Safety Products, Cones, Handheld Stop Signs, Barricade Tape, and Traffic Vests.

Remington- Firearms Care and Maintenance, Grips, Gun Locks, Magazines, Mounts, Stocks, Knives, and Tools.

Safariland- Gun Cases, Belts, Duty Gear, Shell Holders, Holsters, and Flex Cuffs.

Pro-gard- Prisoner Seats, Partitions, Push Bumpers, and Seat Organizers.

Pro-Lok Tools- Gun Safes, and Vehicle Lock Out Tools.

Rings Blue Guns- Blue Training Guns.

Saunders Clipboards- Clipboards and Form Cases.

Simmons- Binoculars, Range Finders, and Scopes.

Stallion Leather Gear- Belts, Duty Gear, and Holsters.

Smith & Wesson- Batons, Watches, Barrels, Grips, Magazines, Bolt Assemblies, Rails, Receivers, Stocks, Flashlights, Knives and Tools, Sights, Handcuffs and Keys.

Streamlight- Flashlights, Chargers, and Batteries.

Uncle Mike's- Bags, Belts, Duty Belts, Duty Gear, Firearms SLings and Swivels, Holsters, Tactical Vests, and Seat Organizers.

Trijicon- Optics Mounts and Accessories, Night Sights, Scopes, and Sights.

Tufloc- Locking Boxes, Gun Locks, Delay Timer, and Partitions.

Voodo Tactical- Bags and Backpacks, Weapons Cases, Belts and Duty Belts, Coats, Duty Gear, Eyewear and Goggles, Slings, Flashlights, Footwear, Gloves, Holsters, Clothing, and Tactical Vests.

Under Armour- Bags and Backpacks, Coats, Eyewear, Footwear, Gloves, Headwear, and Clothing.

Zak Tools- Entry and Rescue Tools, Handcuffs and Keys.


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